House Tour: Day 1- Entryway

     I had an exhilarating weekend! I went to two antique stores, looked at some new decorating magazines, walked around West Elm, and "ooh"ed and "ah"ed at lots of beautiful, inspirational decor. I am pumped up! Ready to see bits of my ever-progressing house? Naturally, I shall begin in the entryway.

My mom really likes our entryway table!

Decked with a lamp, apothecary jar, and Domino magazines, it serves as the focal point.

Opposite it, lies our lovely O and empty niche...

A close-up of this beauty (which we got a great deal on!)
     Here is what's going on. We love the table, apothecary jar, Domino magazines, and O, but we plan to get a mirror for the wall above the table and something (any ideas???) to decorate the niche. I also dream of replacing the lamp with something more colorful and dramatic one day. We could also easily place a chair or small bench underneath the O. We currently have no entry rug, but I don't see either of those being neccessary.


Entryway table- Purchased through decorator
Lamp- Hemispheres
Apothecary jar- Pottery Barn
Faux lemons in jar- Unknown (Michael's, maybe?)
Domino magazines- Out of print
Metal O- Petite Folie; bought on sale after Valentine's Day when they were selling the letters LOVE

     Our first step will be getting a mirror. We have our eye on one... Though our entryway currently lacks a little bit of pop and zest, a few changes will turn that around.


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