House Tour: Day 3- Laundry Room

     Often laundry rooms are overlooked in the decorating scheme of things. I think that the laundry room is important because countless hours are spent there; however, an organized laundry room beats a decorated laundry room in my book! (I am kidding about the book. I don't really have one.)

Our "craft cart" from The Container Store is so functional! It houses all art supplies.

Handy hooks keep cleaning supplies and a fly swatter in line.
A rack for hangers, multiple baskets, cabinets, and of course, the washer
      I have seen prettier laundry rooms, but ours is well organized. :) It would be fun to paint the walls one day, but throw pillows and lamps for other rooms are closer in our future.

Washer and Dryer- Maytag brand
Laundry basket #1- Rubbermaid brand
Craft cart- The Container Store
Organizer with hooks- The Container Store

     My favorite laundry room of all time is this one by the Nester. It is so beautiful!

     What do you use for organizing? Do share! My favorite resource for organizing is The Container Store.


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