House Tour: Day 4- Kitchen

     Ready for eye candy? I admit that I am in the kitchen so much, I hardly notice how pretty it is! My mom loves white kitchens, and that is what we have: a beautiful, functional kitchen.

The main work area
Our Anthropologie trivet graces the wall with its beauty

A rainbow of bowls from Anthropologie line the windowsill.

The big picture

Kitchen and dinner table
     The kitchen feels clean and crisp. The white definitely keeps it from being dark and gloomy. The island serves as a very useful spot for preparing food. There is enough counter space to feed our family of four, and we have room enough for traffic to move swiftly around the food prep spaces. Glass canisters with popcorn and steel cut oats make it easy to prepare our family's favorite snack and an easy breakfast. The four white bowls on the counter also make an easy grab. We use them for everything from cereal to soup!

     I arranged the flowers myself. It is one of my most beloved hobbies. Red accents with a clean, white background is the perfect way to describe our kitchen- and the flower arrangement! The red flowers are so fun and punchy!

Towels- Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's
Trashcan- Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Canisters- Crate&Barrel
Flowers- Market Street :)


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