House Tour: Day 5- Living Room OR The Great Purge Weekend

     Last weekend, our house underwent some major purging and rearranging. MAJOR! That includes many donation hauls to CCA (Christian Community Action), a thorough garage cleaning, listing 11 items on Craigslist (which, by the way, takes four hours!), a trip to Home Goods (no luck), buying four picture frames from Aaron Brothers (all 50% off- SCORE!), and rearranging items on our piano and on the hutch above our desk. After all that, we still need to make another CCA trip. Whew!

     Here are snapshots of the results. This picture now hangs in our entryway where our O used to hang. The only problem with that is that we want our O there too!

$24 frame, but at 50% off = $12; $12 to enlarge the picture
The hutch above our desk in the study:


     The house looks a little bare after the purging and rearranging, but here is the living room.

     We like the couch, throw pillows, blue chairs, TV, and TV stand; however, the artwork over our mantle (not shown) and the end table are for sale on Craigslist. Please tell anyone who may want either item to contact us! Check these items out: our end table and this framed artwork that we are ready to sell.

Couch- Distinctions (brand)
Pillows- Anthropologie (on clearance)
Rug- Shaw Rugs
Blue armchairs- Room and Board
TV stand- Crate and Barrel

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