Ladies' Staycation Planning

     Inspired by this wonderful blog post, my mom and I planned some special things for the church ladies' staycation a few months ago. The theme colors were pink, light pink, and white- clean, simple, and oh-so-girly! (P.S. Brace yourself. This is my longest post yet.)

The dessert/candy bar
     We kept it simple but fun and sweet. I love those little hostess touches that make the experience that much more fun. Fresh flowers an chocolate in each room are always a nice touch when you have overnight guests.

     We also used the idea from the post mentioned above to have each person bring one of their favorite under-ten-dollar-non-food-goody for each person there. Anthropologie's mini latte bowls filled with Dutch mints was what Mom gave away.

     Online, the bowls only come in sets (as shown above), but you can buy them separately like we have always done in store.

Most commented these were the best gifts they had received in a long time.
     This next project was 100% original. I designed the tags that are on the goody bags. Those beautiful, 3-D, sparkly, flower stickers are Martha Stewart brand.

     So cute, right? Now, moving on, I also made two banners for the sleepover. (I told you I would give a how-to on the banner in this 4th of July post.)

This is a mini one, the size of my July 4th banner.
     For the pendant-like banner, I think I cut the paper to 1x4". For the mini banner, I cut the dimensions in half to 1/2x2". After cutting the paper to size, fold in half, so the paper can fold over the string. I used double-sided tape to secure the paper onto the string. Repeat over and over and over until you reach the desired length.


     For the banner above, punch out shiny paper using the scalloped Martha Stewart punch from Michael's. Tape it back to back with the yarn between the circles. Repeat until you reach desired length. Hang. Admire.

     I don't have a great finished product picture, but you can check out The Nester's here.
I give all credit to The Nester for both banners, but I did figure it out and make it on my own.
Balloons from the ceiling fan in my living room- who knew?
     The party/staycation/grown-up girls' sleepover seemed like a smashing success from all I heard. I do believe that the planning is half the fun (all right, for me at least)!


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