5 Reasons We Should All Have Art

     There are really five simple reasons why you and I should have art in our homes.

1. Beauty

Tranquil Coast by J. Holland 
     "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." ~Mary Poppins

2. Distraction

LOVE Poster by Robert Indiana
     When a piece of art distracts your mind from everyday troubles or business, it puts things into perspective. This piece (above) does just that.

3. Conversation

     This artwork by my brother is a great conversation-starter when people are moving into the living room. "Did you make that? Really? Wow! I could never do that! Where are you taking those art classes? You are truly talented, young man!"

4. Inspiration

The Change by AeropagitaPrints on Etsy
     If you inspect this piece closely, there is a tiny heart in the middle of the print which is "spreading its warmth outward."

5. Creativity
Eiffel Tower, 1924 by Robert Delauney

     I love how the view of the Eiffel Tower is from above- very unique!



  1. This made my day! I love art and decorating so this post inspired me to add some of the above elements into my own work.
    ~Maggie Macdonald

    1. Fun! I would love to post some of your work sometime!

  2. Love these ideas! Thanks for letting me know where to find you. I would love to pick your brain on finding prints! -Kelly

    1. I have a few good resources: Etsy, Z Gallerie, art websites, and artists that you know (like my brother!) :)

  3. Awesome Madeline!
    Btw Patrick is AMAZING!!!!

  4. So true! I used to teach a unit on how to view art at school. I love art, even though I can't create great art myself. There are so many paintings I love!


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