The Zig-zagged Chevron Craze

     In case you haven't noticed, my favorite pattern right now is chevron.

     And, shockingly, it is also a current trend. I LOVE when that happens!

     If you are looking for the best of chevron, you have come to the right place.

     Also known as zig zag, chevron is cheery, funky, and punchy. Here are some of my favorites in this exciting pattern.

Pillow at Caitlin Wilson Design

Zigzagged Bracelet @ Anthropologie

Chevron Frame @ Anthropologie

Yellow Zig-zag Chair @ Z Gallerie

     I also like these fashion looks of all chevron or a black and white chevron top with yellow pants.

     By the way, Z Gallerie has lots more chevron decor...

     I like chevron. Yes I do! I like chevron. How 'bout you?


P.S. Stay tuned for: Tomorrow's Day 9 post AND On Thursday, the best post yet: MY BEDROOM! I am so pumped, jazzed, and just plain excited!


  1. i love the yellow chevron z-gallerie chair, madeline! great pick!

    1. Yellow and chevron are the perfect combintation! Z Gallerie has lots of other great chevron things: pillows, throw blankets, and even candles!

  2. I had no idea you liked chevron so much!!! Did you know there's a friendship bracelet that's chevron?!?!

  3. Yes! We should make chevron bracelets sometime!


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