Thrifted Teacup Treasures

     Our first thrift store purchase was made almost two months ago, just before I started this blog.

     The teacups first caught my eyes because they were so beautiful! I loved the delicate design in the loveliest, girliest colors- pink, green, and yellow. I said the usual "Oooo! I like those!" Mom agreed, but there was something extra special about the teacups. "Grandma Dyer used to have a set of dishes and teacups in that pattern- 'desert rose', I think..." (Grandma Dyer is my mom's dad's mom) :)

     That was at the very beginning when we first walked in the door of the antique mall. After circling for an hour through all of the junk stuff antiques, we came back to the china cabinet housing those beautiful teacups. The guy that worked there asked if we needed any help. "We were wondering if this is still manufactured." When he saw what we were looking at, he called over another worker who explained that the desert rose set was still manufactured but in China.

     "You can see, from the back, that this is an older set, from when it was made in the U.S.A."

     Woohoo! Well, it's not every day that you stumble across a meaningful, USA-made, beautiful, genuine, antique tea set. We snatched them up (gently, of course.) Our first antique purchase: two desert rose teacups.



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