There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Party (Part One)

     For my Lord of the Rings fans out there and for the one we have here, I now introduce:

There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Party
     I shall call our hobbit Bilbo for the purpose of our story. Bilbo invited his family over for a wonderful birthday bash only days ago.

This was our recreation of the cake below in The Fellowship of the Ring. We used our Hummingbird Cake recipe. (Click the link to see recipe.)

     It was a spectacular party with very fun hobbit-ish details (like that cake!)

     Things we did:
  • Drank root beer
  • Watched favorite LOTR movie clips
  • Played LOTR charades (The adults really got into this too!)
  • Sang and ate cake (included a speech by Bilbo!)
  • Danced
  • Lit sparklers
  • Presented party favors (LOTR Pez sticks and rings)


     In Part Two, I will give the details on our ring spray-painting project!

     Happy birthday, Bilbo Baggins!



  1. FANTASTIC job, you guys!

    I LOVE the cake idea. All the details were just fabulous!
    Happy b-day to Bilbo ;)

  2. So cool!! That is Awesome!!
    Love the cake!!

    1. The cake makes my mouth water!! Awesome party! I'm inspired!


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