There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Party (Part Two)

     Today is Hobbit Day, the perfect day to wrap up hobbit party inspiration from my brother's Lord of the Rings party.

1. Invitation

     My brother Googled "free fonts" and found this one called First Order.

Felix Doolittle labels from this post

     Don't forget the seal! (See below.)

2. Walkway...

...including a sign that reads:

No Admittance
(Except on party business)
3. Decorations

     Chinese lanterns are from World Market. Both banner were made by friends. Flowers were arranged by my mother and me.

4. Spray-painted rings

     This was our first spray-painting project in a few years, so it was a nice refresher course for all. Spray ring. Let dry. Flip ring. Spray ring. Let dry. Easy-peasy!

5. Thank you cards

     This design is called Fish Tales and Campfires by Minted. Instead of our Bilbo's name, we had this quote at the bottom of the card.

"And he lived happily ever after...to the end of his days."
     We ordered stickers that looked like wax seals from Old School Seals for the thank-yous. For the invitation, we dripped and stamped the wax ourselves using a kit from Barnes and Noble. I like the old-fashioned method best. :)

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  1. This is all so fabulous... I love your invitation! We are gearing up for a LOTR/Hobbit party for my soon to be 10 year old. Thank yoiu so much for sharing your party!


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