Autumn Decor

     I am excited about autumn. Without further "ado" (whatever that is), here are the few fall decorations we own.

1. Entryway
2. My room
3. Living room
4. Bathroom
     1. The light-up pumpkin's lights are out, yet it gives the sense of fall.
     2. The acorns are ALL REAL. I chose the prettiest ones I could find on a walk. Regarding the disco ball: I just had to keep my mini disco ball in the picture.
     3. Sometimes magazines serve as decorations too.
     4. A Method/Orla Kiely hand soap and that rugged twine tied on the tall blue jar are fall decorations in the guest bathroom.
     Method (dish soap) in conjunction with Orla Kiely (the pretty bottles) have a beautiful line for fall. These make great, practical hostess gifts.

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