Floral Frenzy

     This is my fourth study of pattern post. Read my others below:
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  2. Chevron
  3. Stripes
     That having been shared, here is some floral inspiration. :)
Floral Burst 1 By Emma Forrester at ZGallerie

Mint Fleur Chinoise Pillow at Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Field of Flowers Costume at Oh Happy Day!

Flower Party Blowers @ Oh Happy Day!

Fall Flower Arrangements at Martha Stewart
     Inspired? Maybe. If not, just go on and read another post. If you are inspired, DO SOMETHING WITH THAT INSPIRATION. If you don't know how to, start with the tips below.
     Here is how you can apply this beauty in your life:
  1. Inquire of yourself: "Why do I like this? Do I want to paint a flower like that?"
  2. Answer that question. Write it down if possible.
  3. Think of the last floral item you viewed in person. Was it a pretty top, a pen that looks like a flower, a lovely yellow weed?
  4. Think: "How can I incorporate something beautiful in my home?"
  5. Answer that question.
  6. Now leave and do it - photograph that flower, paint something with pink paint, set a floral screen saver on one of your devices, pick a bouquet of flowers or buy some to bring into your bedroom. Be inspired! Then do something with that inspiration! This is something we all need to work on!
P.S. This is my favorite kind of flower: a spider mum!
Picture from Ferenc Ecseki Photography

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  1. The Feild of Flowers Costume is awesome, crazy and so different!!


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