Posting with Purpose

     It has been more than three months since I started The Little Decorator. 45 posts later, I am now resolving to:
  • Write more meaningful posts.
  • Plan posts ahead of time.
  • Post more on topics my readers (you) are interested in.
  • Keep things interesting and positive. :)
     Also, here are some quick tutorials regarding how you can make best use of this blog:

  • To comment, click on the button at the bottom of each post that says how many comments there are on the post. Then, find the empty box at the bottom of the comments. Enter the required information, comment, and the weird-looking words. :) Then submit the comment. Check to make sure your comment was published.

  • If you still have trouble commenting or don't have anything much to say, there is a place where you can vote whether my post is inspiring, cool, or pretty. Simply click the box next to your choice.

  • Click on the weekend links to find other great bloggers and inspiration.

  • Wouldn't it be great if you could have my posts e-mailed to you, so you don't have to keep checking up on the Internet? It is possible and very simple! Enter your e-mail into the box under the words "HAVE MY POST EMAILED TO YOU!" Follow the directions given. Google will send you my posts the day after publication.

  • Looking for something specific? To search my blog, there is a text box on the right sidebar (again) that says "Search this blog." Enter your key word/phrase there. It searches entire posts, not just the titles of the posts.

     I thank God that I can share inspiring (hopefully!) ideas with you and yours through this blog. Enjoy!


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