Where to Store and How to Display BOOKS

     My family and I LOVE books. We buy them. We read them. We thrift for them. We purchase them every time a birthday or Christmas rolls around. We also display books in our home.

     Here are some tips for where and how we display them.

1. Display picture books on picture ledges.

2. House them in a TV cabinet or bookcase.

3. Arrange them in rainbow order or mix them in with picture frames.

4. Set decorative objects on top of horizontal books.

5. Shelve a collection in a closet.

6. Stack them on a vertical book stand.

7. Set them on a bedside table where they are easily accessible.

     We love our books! Keeping them in a safe but accessible place is important to us. I put one of my shelves into alphabetical order this morning. We also have a book basket by the TV stand for library books. In what special places do you store your books?


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