Apple Pie Oatmeal...Mmmm...

     Do you like apples? Do you like oatmeal? Do you like apple pie oatmeal?????
     If your answer to any of those questions is yes, I have a scrumptious crock-pot recipe for you!!!
     This recipe can be made into a kit to give someone-- just like Pop!, my popcorn recipe!
     I take no credit for this recipe. We found it via Pinterest. Click here to view the simple instructions: Cooking with Jax: Apple Pie Breakfast.
     If you put the apples, cup of steel cut oats, apple juice, and cinnamon in a paper sack, you have an apple pie oatmeal kit. Be sure to top the mason jar lid with pretty paper by 1. tracing the lid onto the back of the paper and 2. taping it down with double-sided tape. It makes for such a sweet touch!
     Especially warming and satisfying in FALL!

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  1. Looks awesome!! Can't wait to make it!!! :)


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