Bottlecap Necklace DIY

     My good friend gave me a quite creative valentine last February. When I opened the adorable little bundle, I joyously discovered a washer tied to a string, a decorated bottlecap stuck on a magnet, and a bottlecap and magnet that were not attached to each other. I recently decorated the second bottlecap and magnet and here is the finished result.

     Here are the materials you need to make your own washer necklace with bottlecap charm:
  1. Washer
  2. Stretchy string long enough to slip over neck
  3. Metal bottlecap (like one from a soda)
  4. Round magnet, smaller than bottlecap
  5. Embellishments (I used two Martha Stewart punches on colorful paper to decorate mine.)
     I give all of the credit for the necklace design to my friend who allowed me to share her idea.


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