Cheery Christmas Chain

O Christmas Chain! Oh Christmas Chain!
Thy links are so unchanging;
Not only green (and red) when summer's here,
But also when 'tis cold and drear.
O Christmas Chain! O Christmas Chain!
Thy links are so unchanging!
     Am I the only one who has been singing "Winter Wonderland," "Joy to the World," and "O Christmas Chain" since October?!?!?! I certainly hope not. What did you say? Those aren't the words? Oh! Yeah, but "O Christmas Tree" is so boring!
     Today I have a wonderful, family-friendly craft to share. A (you guessed it!) Christmas chain that counts down the days 'til Christmas! All you need is:
  1. Red and green construction paper
  2. Stapler
  3. Scissors or (better yet) a paper cutter like my Fiskars one below
     Slice the paper into 25 one and a half inch strips. If you cut it endwise (opposite of lengthwise), each piece of construction paper makes eight beautiful strips. This is really easy with a paper cutter! Staple the first strip into a loop. Then add another strip, being sure to wrap each link around the last and alternating colors. Each day kids can tear off a link.
     Enjoy and have a happy December!


  1. That is a great idea!!
    Never thought of doing that. :)

    1. I took it to AWANA for the Cubbie craft last Sunday.

  2. Madeline, this is a wonderful idea. I bet the cubbies loved it!!


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