I'm Dreaming...

     I dream of helping others with their health (which means nutrition and exercise!), decorating their homes, reading, organizing their houses, and planning parties. I WILL turn down a job too massive for me like: decorating a mansion, organizing an entire house in a week, or getting rid of the national debt (although I do have a plan for the national debt thing...) :)

     Now, I am not expecting that you trust me enough to let me do any of these things, but I would simply LOVE to serve you in any of these capacities. Here is what the five may look like:

  1. HEALTH- I love this topic! I have been learning about and researching nutrition because of personal experiences since the beginning of 2012. I have always wanted to go to someone's house, throw away all of the TRASH in their pantry, and replace it with wholesome REAL foods. As I do it, I would explain why this is bad and that is good and how to shop for truly healthy stuff. Exercise is also vital to flourishing health. I am NOT athletic. I don't "work out," but I DO try to take time out of my week to walk, play basketball with my brother, or at least get my heart rate up a little bit. I could get you on a "heart rate" plan that works for your schedule. Indeed, health is the area I am most knowledgeable about recently.
  2. DECORATING- The essence of this blog! I am only in the process of learning how to decorate. From previous posts, you can observe what my style is because I post what I love on The Little Decorator. Pretty art, chairs, flowers, and lamps make my heart fluttery. :) Once, I studied a friend's room, and the next morning I had a marvelous plan for how to rearrange and decorate her room to let it flow and look 10 times better. The best part? I did it on an imaginary budget of $0! I LOVE color, pattern, and original artwork by the members of the family. Who knows what I could do with your home?
  3. READING PLAN- Fiction or non-fiction? Light-hearted or dramatic? Pictures or chapters or both? Classics or modern-day? Short or a lengthy novel? Whatever your combination is, I would LOVE to help you pick out books. Are you an avid devour-this-book reader who needs more books or a beginner who wants to read but doesn't think they have the time? Let me know if you want help in this area!
  4. PLANNING PARTIES- I would do this for a living if I had the chance. If you want any help with color coordinating, floral arrangements, tablescapes, or just the entire party, I would gladly help. Click here to see my party posts.
  5. ORGANIZING- I saved the most daunting for last. Brace yourself for the next statement. I LOVE ORGANIZING!!!! It is like tidying and decorating a closet. I can touch-up your wonderful organizing or give your house a "stuff storage makeover." Friends playfully tease me when I show them my junk drawer, "THAT IS YOUR JUNK DRAWER?" (It is a pretty neat junk drawer...) I would love to spread my neat influence to your home, room, or closets. Now is the perfect time of the year. I am in the let's-clean-that-closet-out-NOW mood.
     These are five potential future jobs that I would love to try out on you personally. Comment to let me know which of these caught your attention. I would LOVE to help you in one or more of these areas.

     Goodbye, 2012! Hello, 2013!


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