Martha's and Mary's To-do Lists

     When I hear the name "Martha," I think of Martha Stewart (queen of all things HOUSE) or Martha in the Bible, the hostess of Jesus and busy sister of Lazarus.
     When I think of Mary, I think of Jesus's mother, Mary Magdalene, or Mary, Martha's sister.
     Here is an imaginary to-do list for each woman. I sure wish I had a Martha's hardworking hands and Mary's quiet, thoughtful spirit.

A Martha's To-do List
  • Vacuum house daily.
  • Purchase unscented candles for spontaneous dinners.
  • Prepare food for tomorrow's dinner with Jesus.
  • Iron tablecloth and sheets.
  • Bake bread.
A Mary's To-do List
  • Read Scriptures daily.
  • Pray before speaking.
  • Welcome guests into my home.
  • Take meal to a sick friend.
  • Do spring cleaning while singing.
     Just a peek into my imagination, friends! Which item on the to-do lists inspires you most? Please comment!

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  1. Love this! I'm with you. I want to have both. I think "pray before speaking" inspires me the most. I wish I remembered to do that more often.


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