Week of Decorating: Purge

The Change by AeropagitaPrints on Etsy
     When it comes to bringing in the new, you first must take out the old. I personally love decluttering and simplifying, but perhaps that is your worst nightmare. So after determining your style-- what you love, it is time to purge things you don't love.
     Divide things you don't need, want, or like into the following categories: give away, sell, and throw away. You may not purge all of it at once. In fact, you will probably do it over a few months or weeks.
     For example, I recently sold my bulletin board so I can replace it with the artwork above. I also put away the tin box that was under my desk.

     Suddenly, a room can look very different! Updates to come on my bedroom; meanwhile, start clearing out your rooms. :)


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