A Week of Decorating: Gather

CAUTION: This activity involves toxic levels of research, treasure hunting, and change.

     You already said bye-bye to old items in your decor, but now it is time for bringing in the new. This, the most challenging part of decorating, can be eased by the following tips.
  1. Know your budget whether you have $50 or $300 to spend on a bed makeover, bookshelf, etc.
  2. Research, research, research, and then do some research.
  3. Look through catalogs, thrift stores, websites, and your favorite stores with decor. (Some of my faves are Anthropologie and West Elm.)
  4. Know what you are looking for, so you don't end up buying things you do not need. (Example: I am currently looking for a chair, some kind of side table, and items for a collage in my room.)
  5. Be creative, especially while waiting/saving for your dream items to pop up. Below are some things we do to put this into action.
  • Use a pretty tea tin for a pencil holder.
  • Lean unframed art on a piano, desk, or ledge.
  • Use a large pillow to designate a corner for reading until you get a chair.
  • Do something every day to improve your home decor.
  • Use what you have to fill in areas that are looking bare.
  • Place everyday items around the house when you need tchotchkes. (BOOKS, clocks, pictures, teacups, globes, lanterns, plates, chalkboards, and the little drawing models--like below.)
     These fun items I recently have eyed are my style.

     Remember to use color, be creative, and purchase second-hand when you can. The "new" items you are gathering don't have to be new, just new to you! Hard yet fun!


  1. I love the slipper chair and gold legged bench!

  2. Love it all! You are doing well.... patience and perseverance are key. A room should always feel decorated over time, not designed in record time. I love the layers and depth you are adding to your spaces.

    1. Thank you! We are waiting for the perfect pieces before making any purchases. We are collecting decorators. :)


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