Blossoming Spring Books

     Hello! With chilly weather still lingering in the air, I thought spring books might bring a savory taste of spring to a few weary hearts and my freezing hands. :)

     If you haven't figured it out yet, my primary love language is "Words of Affirmation." Maybe this is why I cherish the written word, snuggle up with books, and pour my thoughts out in words right here on The Little Decorator. Blossoming and brilliant, my favorite spring books fill me with a sense of life, a passion for flowers, and a desire to pet a bunny/live in a bungalow...

     Check these out at the library or your local Barnes & Noble. Right now, The Gardener and Bunny Bungalow are my favorites! Did I miss your favorite spring picture book? Do you have any other faves?

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  1. Love it!!!!
    I can see some of my faves and some new books I haven't tried before...


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