A Desk in Real Life

     Although every decorator/blogger revels in publishing the most beautiful pictures of their home in books, magazines, and blogs, I thought I would take a detour today from that well-traveled path and show a project in motion...
A current desk pic
     My workspace consists of a desk, ghost chair, lamp, and clock...the basics, but I use it for so much:
  1. School
  2. Writing posts, books, papers, songs, quotes, to-do lists, and journal entries
  3. Crafting
  4. Pulling together storyboards of rooms (like above)
  5. Perusing books, magazines, and catalogs
  6. Studying Scripture
  7. Sifting through old clutter
     Clearly, the desk is this writer's haven for creativity. The Latin word for "I create" is creo. My functional-and-therefore-often-messy desk is where I do just that-- create!
Wiki-stix art by a good friend :)...HE IS RISEN!
     Remember that we are not perfect; in fact, we're very imperfect. My room is imperfect. My priorities are imperfect. I'm human. We all are. Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross to set us free from our sinfulness! Have a wonderful weekend and a joyous Easter!


P.S. Want to know how the storyboard turned out?


  1. Wow! Good job!
    P.s. The wiki stick art is very creative ;)

    1. Thanks, AW! You know how comments make my day! Yes. You did an AMAZING job with the wiki stix. What will your wiki stix project be next month I wonder????


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