God's Heavenly Glory

     I wonder. What did the sky look like on the day of Jesus's resurrection?
Amazon 2011 sunset...breathtaking; it was our iPad screen saver for the longest time afterward
Amazon 2011...lovely yellow and orange reflection in the water too!

Amazon 2011...what a horizon!

Amazon 2011...view of sky, bridge, and the Amazon River from Manaus hotel
Pike's Peak, Colorado, 2010...a view of the sky from above...and don't worry; despite the angle of this photo, we were perfectly safe. :)

Snowfall on Christmas Day 2012!

Pink sunrise in Lewisville with such picturesque hay bales

Sunshine making patterns in the clouds (Lewisville)

Ruffly clouds outside our house
     Obviously, God delights in showing me His glory through the skies. Is there any question whether or not this earth was intricately designed by a loving God? Look up! You will be amazed at what you spot! Happy Easter!



  1. Wow!!!! Those pictures are beautiful!!!
    He Is Risen!

  2. Yes those are amazing pictures!!! So pretty. :)


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