Home Sweet Home: Part One

     What makes a house a home? What makes a space inviting, comfortable, and a little bit quirky?
     In our home, it could be anything from a blanket across the couch to a necklace dangling on a lamp to a basket of books. Get personal. Let some light in through those windows (I can't stand dark houses!), and make your house a home.

Let's begin with a few definitions. Thanks, Merriam Webster!

House /haus/ n: a building in which one or more families live
Home /hom/ n: a family living together in one dwelling
Inviting /in-vit-in/ adj: requesting the presence or participation of; attractive
Comfortable /kem(p)(f)-te-(r)-bel/ adj: providing physical comfort
Quirk /kwerk/ adj: a sudden turn, twist, or curve; an odd personal habit

     Maybe you could say one of my quirks (an odd personal habit) is to hang a banner wherever I can (see above picture). Using my quirkiness in decorating makes my room reflect me.

     Convenience (anything that makes life simpler and sweeter at the same time) shouts THIS IS A HOME as well. We received this idea of fruit in bowls from Stephmodo's blog.

     My favorite and most-worn necklace is currently dangling from the switch on my desk lamp. According to Deborah Needleman in her book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home, "Putting things where they aren't 'supposed' to go shows you rule your roost and not the other way round" (pg. 64.)

     Calling all wiki-stix lovers! I just figured out how to make simple, super inexpensive, and colorful wall art!

     We needed some sparkle in our study. Thank you, glam disco ball!

     What is life without tea and books? A colorful and sweet arrangement of books and a teacup on the piano reminds me there is truly no place like home.

     Light that candle!

     A basket like this one is a nice, neutral way to corral library books, and it's a real cozifier because I can hardly walk past it without the books beckoning me to their whimsical, far-off lands.

     New, fresh hand towels grace our guest bathroom's towel rack with soft, fluffy comfort.

     Your current activities (balloons :), games, schoolbooks, food, LEGOs, etc...) can be out and about the house too. Don't think a house has to be spotless or picture perfect to be beautiful and homey.

     Personal photographs, framed or otherwise, are wonderful accents to your home decor.

     My owl perched on a stack of books on my desk is my final quirk (in this post, that is!). Henry observes me through science tests, notes to pen pals, good books, and my latest and greatest ideas. I heart owls!
     What makes your home inviting, comfortable, and a little bit quirky? Books? Frogs? Your favorite color? A jazzy pattern? A glass of cool, clean lemon water? A funky collage of photos?
     Comment before Tuesday, March 12th, for a chance to win this mini banner to add a little quirk to your life! I like banners because they remind me to celebrate life daily, finding joy in everything God brings my way. (If you comment anonymously, you will not be entered into the drawing.)
Update: Emme W. wins the drawing! Thanks to all of you for the comments and encouragement!


  1. I love your blog!!! :)
    Great post!!

  2. You're AwEsOmE and so are all of your posts!!! :p Very inspiring! ~ Hannah L


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