Home Sweet Home: Part Two

     In the grand scheme of things, it seems easiest and most efficient to give practical tips and tricks regarding applying these ideas to your own home. Surprisingly, each project only requires either 5 minutes or $5!

  1. Need color and fragrant beauty? Use an old jar or vase and buy an inexpensive (<$5) bundle of flowers.
  2. Get rid of something you don't like. If you sell it, you can use the money to replace it with something you will truly enjoy.
  3. Set a stack of books on an end table, desk, little-used dining table, etc.
  4. Break down and DECLUTTER.
  5. For a minute change, rearrange items on display (tchotchkes). It might just fix the room!
  6. Paint a damaged thrift store find.
  7. Get rid of drab and add appealing color!
  8. Open all of the windows (if the weather is nice, obviously...).
  9. Buy decor on sale.
  10. Put colorful candies in a bowl for guests. (It would make me want to come over more often!)
  11. Create your own art or ask for art from a gifted friend. It's certainly cheaper.
  12. Vacuum the room.
  13. Make or buy inexpensive (<$50) throw pillows for a quick change.
  14. Set out a game (Scrabble, chess, cards, or a puzzle work nicely) on a little-used table to make the room more inviting.
  15. Buy a super-soft, super-comfortable rug to place on a not-so-comfortable floor space.
  16. Use everyday things (canning jars, rocks, books, gel pens, coffee mugs, wildflowers, clocks, photographs, stuffed animals, etc.) to decorate.
  17. Purchase an ornate mini bowl. Use the bowl for items that need to be corralled (keys, jewelry, chalk for a chalkboard, paper clips...I am sure you know what these things are in your home.)
  18. Make a teeny banner to hang somewhere that needs life. (Or win one at the bottom of this post!)
  19. Blank walls? Unframed art? Lean the art in layers along your mantle, desk, or on a shelf.
  20. Light a candle.
  21. Get flowers, a vase, a statue, or some other centerpiece for your table. If it isn't tall enough, you can elevate it with an odd (1, 3, 5, 7...) number of colorful books. While you are at it, set the table for the next meal.
  22. Add pizazz with a disco ball, glitter, gold accents, sparkly gel pens, balloons, or a cut glass bowl that reflects light.
  23. Reflect even more light with a mirror.
  24. Add a cozy blanket to a reading nook or couch for excess comfort.
  25. Now somersault through your rooms and get rid of stuff that just looks cluttery.

     Ta-da! Deep breath now...in through your nose...out through your mouth! That was quite a bit of info.


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