Pink Party in a BOX!

      Ever wished to bless a distant relative or friend with a birthday party?


     Surprising and cheery, this party in a box is a no-brainer! For theme colors, we selected the recipient's favorites, pink and turquoise.

    We included a mini polka dot banner, candles, heart-shaped balloons, owl napkins, pink plates, Dutch mints in a turquoise bowl (mentioned and sourced here), a card, and gift.

     The mini banner can be easily made by using:
  • two different sizes of mason jar lids (we used 8 oz. and pint jar lids)
  • patterned paper
  • thin (we used 1/8" wide) ribbon
  • a mini (1/8") hole punch
  • a computer for typing out letters on standard computer paper
     Fun and lovely for any party or party in a box!


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