A Weeklong Party: The Beginning

     I love a good part-ay!

     (Especially if I get to plan it...)

     I promised it here. Now I am delivering it. A week of my parties! Yep. Just for you...with a bow on top too!

     Watch me turn 9, 10, 11, and 12 through a string of pictures, ideas, words, sources, and tips shared throughout the week!

     I'm no super girly-girl, but this pink rocks! (The above is not one of my parties but a party found via Pinterest.)
Spoiler Alert!!!!!!! YOU MAY WANT TO STOP HERE!
     Ok. I gave you fair warning...here are the themes for my four years of blog-worthy birthday parties. :)
  • Lemon Party! (My 9th)
  • Panda Party! (My 10th)
  • Book/Bookworm Party! (My 11th)
  • Rollerskating Sleepover! (My 12th)


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