A Weeklong Party: Lemonade, Anyone?

     My very favorite color is yellow. Do you want to know why?

     I had a lemon party, of course!

     Ever since, I have hearted all things YELLOW.

  The brilliant!

  The dazzling!

  The sunny!

     This was when we first started searching for original, out-of-the-box, and creative ideas. After all, who's ever heard of a nine-year-old girl having a LEMON party? Certainly, it was a very original theme--but not too original to keep us from having a successful party.

     We found the Lemon head invitation idea on our favorite party blog, Oh Happy Day! They were perfect. We incorporated Felix Dolittle's Lemon Stationery (discontinued).

     We also used her party hat template. It is so fun in white with yellow tissue paper! Even the adults wore the hats. Who wouldn't want to?

     Lemonade, lemon bars, and lots of yellow flowers also jazzed our home with the radiant theme. Instead of party favors, we sent each person home with a few scoops of candy from our lemony candy bar (above).

     It was a sunny party with lots of fun, lots of candy, and lots of YELLOW!


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  1. Wow!! Lots of yellow!! Love your blog!!


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