A Weeklong Party: Panda Love

     For years after this party, the panda was my favorite animal.

     I read books about them. I collected stuffed ones. Everyone knew my favorite animal. (By the way, it recently changed to a bunny...)

     Anyway, the point is: When I turned a decade old, I had a panda party. Fun, huh? You bet!

     Unfortunately, I have no pictures from the actual event-- only memories. I will do my best to paint a vivid picture. Bold and true to the theme, we used black, white, lime green, and bamboo.

     By the way, go search the web for panda pics. SOOOOOO CUTE!

     We pulled off another glorious invitation.

     We also decoupaged clipboards. Click here for instructions. I still have mine and use it (above).
     Here are my further memories of the party:
  • We played "Pin the Nose on the Panda" (on a drawing by my dad and brother...very cost effective when you use a large piece of poster paper and a Sharpie).
  • We ate delicious, rich vanilla cupcakes.
  • We incorporated black and white Jelly Belly beans.
  • I turned 10!

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  1. I remember that party. Especially the pin the nose on the Panda :)


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