A Weeklong Party: Rollerskating Sleepover

     Now we come to my all-time favorite party! Having never hosted a large sleepover at my house, it was super exciting to celebrate my 12th birthday in this way! First up, I give you the details:
  • Rollerskating + Sleepover = A TON OF FUN!
  • Theme colors were green, blue, and pink
  • Dessert was root beer floats (served before the rollerskating, so we could go skate out our energy!)
  • Agenda: Root beer floats, Rollerskating, Beauty and the Beast, Sleep, Pancakes, Dance party (added to agenda spontaneously), Tie-Dye t-shirts
     We found the most adorable invitation from which we pulled our theme colors:

Here are our napkins, flowers, invitation, stripey straws, and socks!

Pink and green flowers bring the outdoors in with their vibrant color.

The knee-high socks, if you are wondering, were our fun party favors, which all the girls wore for rollerskating!

Root beer floats...mmm! Can you see the streamers floating in the window?

Cruising at the skating rink

The next morning, those of us who were awake pretended to slumber for a sleeping bag pic!

All weekend, balloons floated in the hallway, forcing us to push aside their colorful ribbons to brush our teeth. :)
     I don't have any pictures of us tie-dying shirts, but we did.

     Afterwards, each guest deserved a cheery "thank you!" The above thank you cards kept the wonderful theme flowing!

     This closes my "weeklong party," but stay tuned, my fellow party-planners, for I am having another party soon (this summer)! :)

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