Book Page Flags and Banner

     The inspiration from this post tugged on my inner crafter, begging me to use what I had (book pages, book binding glue, twine, mini kabob skewers, and a trusty pair of Martha Stewart scissors) to create two things I love to "ooh and aah" over: book page flags and book page banners.
We three flags of Orient are...

Too cute on top of the Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights!
Tiny book page banner in the entryway niche

      And here are other ways I used the flags:

Add whimsy to a photograph

Give to an adorable stuffed animal (say cheese, Sybil!...yes...I named the bunny after my all-time favorite Downton Abbey character.)

Adorn more books

Place somewhere unexpected
     So that's what I've been constructing this week. Each flag takes seconds to make. Let me know if you want one. :)


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