Decluttering: Yay or Ugh?


     When you read that word, what do you immediately think: "Yay!" or "Ugh!"?

     Probably ugh...nevertheless, I whoop an exuberant "Yay!" Although the process can be long and (at times) down-right maddening! frustrating, the bountiful benefits eclipse the pain. Clearly, an orderly process, a friend or two, and cheery music can make it all go smoother.

     Ahhh- the joys of a decluttered life...no digging through old, trash-worthy belongings, a more welcoming home/room, and a peace of mind that you can find things easily.

The ease of being able to locate my items is so rewarding!

Boxes, bins, and tubs make separating unlike items simple.

Shelves for books and drawers for clothes
     I have been working on my closet off and on. I have even worked on my closet since these pictures were taken.
     This Monday I tackled Mom's closet with her assistance. We threw away a HUGE, STUFFED, OVERFLOWING bag of old, unnecessary items and took another bag like it to CCA.
     If you have ever tried to clean out even a small drawer, you know it can be frustrating and overwhelming. Hopefully, with these steps, you will be able to purge and organize effectively, so grab the list below, some friends, and your favorite cd.
  • Be willing to let things go... Remembering that our stuff is neither eternal nor necessary, we can be free to make decisions that get rid of as much stuff as possible.
  • Sort... Separate give away, throw away, and keep into piles; hopefully, your "keep" pile isn't any larger than your give away or throw away piles. This should reduce your stuff to one-third of what you had before.
  • Sort again... This time, sort your "keep" pile into different categories for going back onto the shelves. Some of my categories are books, clothes, shoes, stationery, paper for crafting, babysitting tools, jewelry, sewing supplies, school books, and extra notebooks.
  • Arrange... Neatly, place books on shelves, clothes in drawers or on hangers, and dolls/action figures/stuffed animals/shoes in a shoe hanger like here. Papers go in boxes, binders, or folders. Bags hang on hooks. Linens should be folded neatly and placed on shelves. (ETC...)
  • Straighten... Keep books in height or alphabetical order. Divide toys into various sized stacking boxes. (We use these.) Clothes for summer go in different drawers than those for winter.
Great sources for organizational tools:
     Please pose some good questions about organizing that you want/need answered. I would be more than happy to answer. Happy decluttering and spring cleaning!


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