Decorating with Branches (and a Quick Mantle Update!)

     Recently, I have been posting much on parties and DIY (do it yourself) ideas, not decorating.

     It is not that I haven't been inspired or wanted to decorate, but I felt a lack of resources; however, on Monday this post inspired me to use the elegance and gracefulness of freshly-cut tree branches in our home decor (at least for a time).

     It was a novel idea to me. I swiftly stood up and grabbed the tree trimmers before I could change my mind. The results? Priceless! Since a picture speaks a thousand words, here are the photographs that I captured. :)

The bare mantle was the first spot that came to mind for a branchy bouquet.
So here is a current mantle photo. Not perfect in the least but still beautiful.
Yes. I made another BANNER (click here to see more) for over the fireplace.

Oooo...the entryway has a bare place too!

I am loving the branch and glass pitcher combination.

The bathroom could use some plants also.

I turned the camera on its side for a lovely shot.

Branches make me happy; I just never knew it before!
     I dare you to grab your tree trimmers and hack off some of your prettiest branches. Cut twice as long as what you think you need. Little new shoots that come up around your trees work nicely too. That is what the majority of my "branches" are. I used crepe myrtles because they just grew some tiny green leaves but have no blossoms yet.

     Spring is almost in full bloom. Can you feel it?


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