How to Decorate When You Share a Bedroom

     Mixing tastes with a family member or roommate is tough.

     The solution is to use neutrals and things you have in common.

     For example, if you both like flowers, purple, or art, use what you have in common to unify the room. Then take your own little twists to your side of the room or your sleeping space. These girls' rooms demonstrate this perfectly.

Colors They Can Agree On: Pink & Orange (no source)

Shared Love of Dolls
Lots of Pattern and Color
     Even if you have disputing tastes, remember this when you are ready to redecorate a shared living space:
  • Keep it neutral. (White bedding and white walls are good places to start.)
  • Eliminate clutter. (When you share a bedroom or dorm room, twice as many things can be misplaced, left out in the open, and cause the room to look chaotic. Keep it clean!)
  • Be open to others' suggestions, but don't force yourself to live with something you hate.
  • Don't have more than one crazy pattern in the room. (Mainly bold chevron, animal print, or ikat are what I would classify as "crazy pattern.")
  • You can still use colors for the throw pillows, chair(s), and desk(s).
  • Always be considerate of the other person's personal space and privacy.
     That's all the decorating advice I have for sharing a room. I would be thrilled to help you decorate or declutter your room, whether you share it or not. If you have any questions, be sure to comment. Which of the rooms above is your favorite?


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