Packing Lightly for a Weekend

     I have been experimenting on my last couple of weekend getaways/camp outs/sleepovers.

     I have found five concepts that help me to pack lightly.
  1. Don't pack what you don't NEED. I have found that I can live for two nights without Piper (my tiny stuffed bear) although it would be nice to have him. Lotion, extra socks, or my bulky alarm clock also aren't necessities.
  2. Take items with multiple purposes. An example is that I am bringing a black t-shirt to wear with pajama pants and for dark clothing (a requisite for this event).
  3. Wear the heaviest/bulkiest items you bring. Friday I will wear my fluffy hoodie and my tennis shoes, so I won't have to lug them around in my backpack.
  4. Place each day's clothes in a separate Ziploc bag, so they are easy to grab at once.
  5. Avoid bringing books (when possible). They are heavy!

     Now...can all of that fit in my backpack (except for the pillow and sleeping bag)?

     Yes! It can! I'm going for one bag on this escapade!


P.S. Do tell! Do you have any packing tips? Do you pack lightly or bring as much as you possibly can (you know, so you can be the "prepared" person with flashlights for everyone, a first aid kit, bug spray, a book or two, extra snacks, water bottles, twenty extra sets of clothes, and a compass)?

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  1. I need to start packing!!! Great advice!!


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