Crazy Outfits and the Inspiration Behind Them

     I enjoy getting creative with outfits, but I haven't posted about fashion in a Very. Long. Time!
     Pairing nature or art photos with an outfit, I am reminded how many different places I can glean inspiration from (even if I'm not looking for something to inspire creativity...i.e. Minnie Mouse!)

Grungy outfits (like this one I am wearing as I type) are outfits too!
Art by my very talented brother

So pretty! I haven't ever worn this, but you may spot me wearing it at church Sunday!

Love those pink capris! This is my favorite Saturday outfit!
      Mixing and matching brings out so much potential in old clothes.
     What crazy outfit will you be wearing this week?


  1. I love your creativity. My favorite outfits have to be the first two...or three. Great post !!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! I dress more colorfully than I decorate it seems... :)


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