My Writing...Sunshine

     One warm day, Laura and her ten-year-old daughter timidly crossed the street to the Willow Orphanage for Girls. They had never brought food to the orphanage before and didn’t know what to expect. Nervously, Laura banged the large brass knocker on the heavy wooden door. Mother and daughter held their breath.
     A few seconds later, a charming young woman opened the door.
     “Hello. Are you Laura Walker? I’m Hannah Cole. Nice to meet you. We’ve been expecting you,” she greeted warmly.
     Laura with little Eliza crossed the large front room behind Miss Hannah. Briskly, they strolled into a petite kitchen. Turning to Laura and Eliza, Miss Hannah spoke gently.
     “Now this is where all the food for the girls is prepared, so you can set those baskets on the counter here. While your mother and I finish fixing the food, why don’t you run upstairs with the girls and play?” she suggested to Eliza. “The children would love to meet you.”
     Miss Hannah directed Eliza up the stairs, so the girl climbed the staircase to where about twenty other girls were laughing, playing, and reading books from a large bookshelf. Eliza crept up to one of the girls and boldly spoke, “Hi. I’m Eliza. What’s your name?”
     “Heidi,” the other girl replied with a shy but friendly smile. “Wanna play tic-tac-toe?"
     “Sure. I’d love to. Maybe afterwards we could play explorers like I play with my brother, Benjamin,” Eliza tittered excitedly.
     “I’ve never played that, but it sounds like fun,” replied Heidi.
     The girls began playing together like old friends, and Eliza taught Heidi and the other orphans new games like explorers, London Bridge, Blind Man’s Bluff, and Follow the Leader. All too soon, it was time for the girls to eat, so Eliza and her mother left.
     “Don’t worry, Heidi. I’ll come back soon. I had lots of fun today,” Eliza reassured her new friend.
     The next day dawned damp, dark, and dull. Heidi sat alone in her window seat while the other girls frolicked. Peering into the chilly gloom of a rainstorm, Heidi thought about her new friend. When, oh when, would she return to the orphanage? Heidi wished more than anything that the sun would shine. Everything was all right when the sun was shining, but today she was trapped indoors. One thing that encouraged her was the delicious, hot soup, which Miss Laura, Eliza’s mother, had brought the day before. It warmed her from the inside out.
     The following morning, Heidi opened her eyes to brilliant sunshine. With a light heart, she raced to her window. Dressing quickly in her nicest dress, which was yellow with a white sash, Heidi skipped out of her room and quickly ran down the stairs. Entering the front room, Heidi spotted Miss Hannah and Eliza walking towards her. She was overjoyed! Eliza stayed there the entire day as it was Saturday.
     Bringing cheer with her, Eliza would regularly dance into the orphanage. Many times she would bring a new game, yummy food, or some tiny gift for the girls. Eliza and Heidi’s friendship thrived over the years.
     When the girls were almost thirteen, Eliza’s parents asked if they could adopt Heidi. Miss Hannah was enthusiastic about the idea and so were Eliza and Heidi. One stormy afternoon, while Eliza was helping Heidi pack for the move to the Walkers’ house, Heidi mentioned how gloomy it was outside. Suddenly, Eliza grabbed Heidi’s hands and began to spin in a circle with her. She started to trill like a bird:
     “Heidi, you are the sunshine of my life. That's why I'll always be around. You are the apple of my eye. Forever you'll stay in my heaaaaaaaaaaaart. I feel like this is the beginning though I've loved you for a million years. And if I thought our love was ending, I'd find myself drowning in my own tears. You are the sunshine of my life. That's why I'll always stay around. You are the apple of my eye. Forever you'll stay in my heart.”
     Heidi continued the song as they danced around.
     “You must have known that I was lonely, because you came to my rescue, and I know that this must be heaven. How could so much love be inside of you?”
     “Together!” Eliza shouted. “You are the sunshine of my life. That's why I'll always stay around. You are the apple of my eye. Forever you'll stay in my heaaaaaaaaaaaart.”

Author's Note: This post is the first in a series of school writing assignments. Writing hasn't always been enjoyable or exciting to me, but I am working on using my gifts for God's glory. This is the finished product of an assignment to write a story based on a song. I love the idea of sunshine, but this song doesn't match my writing style. That is why the story might not seem to jive with the song choice. My hope is that this story teaches you new words, fills you with compassion, and inspires you to be receptive and encouraging to all those around you, even if they are different.


  1. Awesome story!!! It is amazing!! I wish I could wright like that;)

  2. :) This is very much my writing style! Thanks for the sweet comments!


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