Practicing Patience and Perseverance in Times of Preparation

This art by me shows each decade in most girls' lives.
     That's a mouthful although it is very true!

     Honestly, I have come to the realization that I am currently in a time of preparation for something greater than I can possibly imagine because it is God's perfect plan for me. I am not looking ahead, but trying to focus on the here and now since several years ago, today was the future. Does this make any sense or have I completely lost you in my conjumbled train of thought?

     I am enjoying this stage of my life: this perseverance-testing, Bible-studying, future-waiting, joy-springing, book-reading, ministry-pouring, snack-eating, Mom-serving, rain-dancing, God-seeking, hug-giving time.

     It is beautiful. Even when life gets down (i.e. death, sick friends who can't come to Youth Group, and messing up trying to learn how to do it "the right way"), I remember that those are the perseverance-testing, rain-dancing, and God-seeking days.

     During rough times, I am reminded to update my gratitude journal with tales of the latest butterfly, bear hug, hose-down from my brother, or good book that God sends my way.

     Friends, this is what it is all about! Thanksgiving is not just for the fourth Thursday of November! Thankfulness is for everyday, for the ups and downs, for remembering ALL that God has done "big" or "little."

     My challenge for you is to begin writing down 1,000 gifts from God. It may take you a month or a decade to fill a journal or reach 1,000, but God views all from above and smiles when we remember to take the time to literally count our blessings.

     While I patiently await and prepare for college, housekeeping, foreign missionary work, and nursing, God is qualifying me for the tasks ahead as he did for Esther. I can hardly wait to know what those tasks are!

     Are you in a time of transition, preparation, or waiting? In what areas? Please share your story in the comments.



  1. I really LOVED this post...probably my favorite to date. It was inspiring, thought-provoking and so essentially filled with truth and wisdom.

    i need (want) to re-read this again a few times and ponder over it the next couple of days to know which stage I am truly in....I'm one in a million that does not fit in this mold :) And you helped me remember God has me EXACTLY where He wants me right now.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are truly a special gift to me and all those around you who see your beautiful smile. :) Read 1 Corinthians 7:8, 34-35. It is definitely you- "concerned about the Lord's affairs"! :)


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