Storyboard for a Girl's Bedroom {Pretty in Pink}

My definition of a decorating storyboard:
A collage of various items for a room that work well together

     Since I have never displayed one of my storyboards here before, I will start by showing a few of my favorites from other decorators.


     I love that the last one takes the room from storyboard to real life (and I still am stunned at how they mixed chevron and animal print, yellow and gold!) Superb!
     And now, to my now-not-looking-quite-as-gorgeous girl's bedroom storyboard...

     If you were to buy everything here, it would be under $1,000, which is pretty good for a complete room revamp.

Pink flowers-- of course! $5

Lucite Bedside Table

Awesome Octopus $30
Use books as art...$5-$15
     Well, although this isn't the best format for a storyboard (I am still trying to figure it out.), I hope it inspired you to get creative with pattern, color, and themes.
      On decorating with books:
  • Use pretty picture/children's books
  • Lean them on the wall on top of a desk, dresser, or tabletops like art
  • Pull colors for the room's accessories from a favorite picture book
  • Read them; don't JUST decorate with these beauties...look inside!
  • Stand them up on shelves like in my room:
     Whew! That covered a lot, but this is what has been on my mind. Plus, I just covered three different post ideas in one! :)


  1. Had never heard of storyboarding until grad school and applied to writing. You go, girl! Love these & will enjoy using as we think through redecorating! Hugs. -KA

    1. Thanks!!!! I am not very good at creating a writing storyboard. I just start writing. Maybe we could get together and work on writing/writing storyboards sometime!

  2. Pink and turquoise are my favorite colors! However, I am very shy about decorating my home with pink. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

    1. You are so welcome, Mommy! You also just gave me a post idea... :)


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