My Colorful Dot Birthday Party

     It was so beautiful!

     It was so fun!

     It was so colorful!

     A dotty game night rocks for celebrating a 14th birthday! Maybe I should let pictures speak for themselves!
My invitation was from Paperless Post; it worked beautifully with the theme!

A jar of bright gumballs and a Scrabble sign screaming "Welcome" greeted my guests.

Party favors and gumballs!

They are yummy too. :)

On the left is a picture from Pinterest...on the right, our version
The flowers turned out beautifully.

That cake pic is actually my birthday card from my parents framed...super inexpensive artwork!

Two of each color candle...red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink ONLY IN THAT ORDER

Candle napkins (that we already had!)?!?!?! Yes, please!

The inspiration from Pinterest
Our version un-inflated & inflated during party

We used this sparkly banner from Target because the one we ordered from Etsy (below) didn't come in time.

We were going to play all these games but ended up just playing Monopoly and Twister.

In rainbow order, Unreal candy

Now for the food! Dinner was homemade individual pizzas and fruit kabobs

Vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, and lemon macaroons from Central Market

Peanut butter and chocolate rice crispie treats (a healthy version...comment if you want me to post the recipe)

14 candles, lit and shining!

Left: Pinterest idea, Right: Our version of the party favors
We gave ten gel pens to the girls; the boxes were from Michael's.
     This is one reason I haven't posted a lot recently-- party planning and execution (on top of sickness). If I forgot the sources to anything, let me know.



  1. I love all the color and creativity. It looks like it was a very fun party! I would like to see the recipe for the rice crispy treats. ~HL

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Since we combined two different healthy versions, I will need to have my mom remind me exactly what we did, and then I will post the recipe. They were so delicious! We actually tried lots of different versions and combinations of versions before we possessed the ultimate chocolate and peanut butter rice krispy treats.


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