10 Things I Don't Do

     No one is perfect. Even the Bible says so!

     No one can do everything. Even if they could, then they couldn't not do anything. Did that make any sense? Oh, never mind!

     Although I have a wide range of interests/accomplishments, there are many things I don't do for one reason or another.

     I don't:

  1. Draw. Most of you know that my brother is the artistic one. I do enjoy painting sometimes, but it isn't anything impressive. ;)
  2. Sing. Nope. I don't.
  3. Play sports or exercise. This is one that definitely needs to change ASAP.
  4. Sew. I cross-stitch and tackily "sew" on a button, but I have very little skill or practice with the classic needle and thread.
  5. Drive. (Give me a break. I am not 16 yet!)
  6. Compost. Maybe I will...someday...
  7. Like heights. Though some find them thrilling {shudder}, my stomach freaks out.
  8. Own a phone, iPad/computer/laptop/tablet of any sort, iPod, television, or any electronic device of that sort. My family members do (and I use theirs), but I prefer to live in the 17th century. ;)
  9. Pierce my ears. It just sounds like too much work...
  10. Wear make-up. Also too much work to "look pretty". I only put it on while acting.
     None of these are sins or anything bad, but I just don't have time for everything.

     Don't feel guilty or lazy because you don't get around to some things. They aren't that important anyway. If I had time to, I could list 100 or so more things that I just don't do.

     So, join the I Can't/Don't Do EVERYTHING Party and tell me in the comments what you don't do...unless one of the things you don't do is comment. ;)


1 comment:

  1. Things I'm not good at:
    1. Drawing
    2. Singing
    3. Wear make-up
    4. Have a phone
    5. Organize(trust me I am terrible)
    I could think of more but that would take too long. :)
    Great post!!


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