Do You Decorate With What You Love?

     What do you love?

     If you don't know how to answer that question, you are in for a self-examination.

     I suggest you look at your Pinterest boards, flip through magazines (flagging what you like), decide what your three most prized possessions are, sniff your favorite books, plan a dream menu for a day, soak in the sunshine, photograph your favorite flower, etc., to find your style-- your loves-- your perfect rooms.

     This might give you some ideas.

     I love:
     Beautiful, well-written books. Rainbows. Yellow. Gumballs. Flowers (especially ruffly ones). Colorful gel pens. Jane Austen movies. Good quality (over quantity/cheap). Purple. Shag. Mary Poppins. Simplicity. Downton Abbey. Party planning. Foreign missionaries. Sunshine. Chevron.

     What does your list look like, and how do you show your loves in decorating? Does your style shine through the gloom of too much wood, brown, fake plants, ugly tissue boxes, clutter, etc?

     Like below...

Rainbows, party planning, gumballs
Beautiful, well-written books, quality
Pops of yellow, ruffly flowers, sunshine, chevron
     Do you decorate with what you love? If you aren't sure, give me a call. I would love to help you change out things you are sick of for things of lasting beauty that you can actually enjoy.
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     Your summer challenge: Now I dare you to go define your style. Make up your mind about what you like and don't like. Decorate with pink and turquoise. Decorate with a gazillion animal prints. Go green. Make your bedroom into a library. Exhibit your talents, interests, artwork, and favorites in your decorating. Use the inspiration to change something minuscule or mammoth in your rooms. Rearrange. Declutter. Buy flowers. Go change the world with beautiful hospitality.
     Oh, yeah...and did I mention DECORATE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE?

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