Looking Everywhere for Inspiration

     Where do you search when you run out of ideas? I keep my eyes open everywhere...
     1. Blogs, Pinterest, and the Internet are fantastic resources. It is easy to narrow your search to a certain category. These websites are a wealth of information, ideas, and inspiration.

2. Stores like my two favorites, J. Crew (above) and Anthropologie not only have new, colorful products but creative decorations inside their shop.

3. Food! Get creative whenever a grape stem looks like a gun or cucumbers and a pretzel look like a tree. Kids under 8 will often realize these seemingly silly things before we do. Use your imagination!

Lovely Amazon sunset 2013
4. Creation, whether it is the human body, sunsets, or animals, is always surprising us. God is creative, and we can use His works as inspiration for our projects.

5. Now I want to remind you to broaden your horizons. There are 1,000,000 more answers to where you can find inspiration: art, books, calendars, dogs, enchiladas, friends, games, hills, ice cream, jingles, kids, lamp posts, manes, notches, optometry, pencils, quirks, rest, stilts, tremors, umbrellas, Volkswagen, worms, xylophones, yaks, and zip lines.

     Do you have an odd thing from which you draw inspiration?


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