My New Bed!

     The grand reveal...
Before and after!
     My bed is complete and beautiful! We transitioned in stages: blanket (between sheets and duvet), sheets, pillow cases, duvet, duvet cover, and pillow inserts. I couldn't be more pleased with the result and the Caitlin Wilson Design pillows. I incorporated what I love: white, yellow, cleanliness, simplicity, chevron, and floral!

These sweet ruffles on the duvet cover are a perfect finishing touch!
      A special thanks to my family who contributed pieces of this (for birthdays and Christmases) until it became what it is today!

My desk earlier this week
My desk right this minute in full packing mode

These gorgeous marbled Reader's Digest books have been adorning my windowsill until I find a perfect spot for them.

     Thanks! Happy weekend!


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