Perfectly Imperfect

     I'm imperfect, and so is my perfectly-imperfect-yet-beautiful stuff-- like this owl.

     My owl wasn't always imperfect. It comes with age, wear, love, and {sometimes} my brother throwing laundry at me. Yep...

     That is how this foot injury happened to Olivia Henrietta the Owl. You never would have noticed (and you didn't) unless I had told you. See the little crack in her foot on our left? It's perfectly imperfect. And it is beautiful.
     When Humpty Dumpty (aka Olivia Henrietta) toppled from the wall (aka desk), I didn't expect good (and definitely not beautiful) things to come of it. Dad fixed it. I still enjoy it.
     By the way, if my owl looks like a guy to you, you can totally call it Oliver Henry. :) My brother thinks it is a guy, but he wants to call it Gandalf. And no, I did not make up that name (Olivia Henrietta) just for this post. It was established since she arrived. Feel free to vote whether the owl looks like a guy or girl. I don't care, but it does look like a girl to me.

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