Decorating Cozily {and the winner!}

Add coziness to your décor through:

1. Throw blankets, when neatly folded over the arm of a sofa or the back of an armchair-- Be sure to use contrasting fabrics.

2. Textiles such as tablecloths, quilts, or other fabrics-- As you can observe above, I recently draped a quilt over the back of a friend's couch to freshen up the look until she can get a new couch, adding pattern. It worked like a charm!

3. Soft, fluffy pillows-- Search for down-filled pillows for squishy comfort. If someone moves your pillows to the side when sitting down, the pillows might be too stiff. What's the point in that?

4. A bit of ugly-- I know you are reeling in shock. The point is that too much shiny, blingy, pretty stuff looks over-intentional/over-decorated. A dose of ugly to make your bright colors pop might be just what your décor needs. Don't go search the attic for some hideous piece of art or furniture, but some dark wood, plain finishes, or grey walls will help calm down an excessively glamorous room. Now can't you see that the dark wood and brown African art makes the yellow POP?


P.S. The winner is of the book page banner is... CARISSA! (I will get it to you in the next week or so.) Thanks for commenting! It makes my day a tad bit more joyous!

Plus, on August 8th, I reached 100 comments! I am overjoyed by your faithful support, friends!

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