Drumroll, Please...

   Wow! So you girls really liked my post about my latest find from Joss & Main. (If you missed the fun, check it out here.)
     You all had great suggestions for what I should name her. Let's recap my pristine, fashionable, or furry room mates! (If you are so impatient to know her name, scroll to the bottom. I don't mind.)
     We must begin this journey with the small but powerful Piper, my bear-of-all-trades, my body guard, and my good friend.

     This is my first-ever Joss & Main find, my lovely and wise owl, Henrietta Olivia, who got her own post here. She encourages me while I study algebra and labor over my latest fictional writing project.

     Readers, say hello to my charming, purple secretary Lily the hippo.

     In my closet, Queen of Madeline's clothes, reigns Elsie, the character in Martha Finley's famous books. I could tell you about Elsie, but you should read the books instead! :)

     Meet Sybil, the super-soft, cuddly bunny named for my favorite Downton Abbey character. I am kind of obsessed with bunnies right now. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it!

     Drumroll, please...
     ...my lovely lady's name...
     Guinevere! If you don't like it, I'm sorry that you just read a whole post to get to that point. ;) My mom likes Charlotte, but she is Guinevere to me!
     I REALLY like names. I spend hours researching meanings of names, book character names, etc. So let's get technical.
     According to Baby Wizard, my favorite name research website, Guinevere is an "old French form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, which is composed of the elements gwen meaning "fair, white" and hwyfar meaning "smooth". In Arthurian legend she was the beautiful wife of King Arthur." There you have it. She is the fair, white, smooth, and beautiful wife of King Arthur!
     Have a great weekend! What is your favorite character in your house? Is it a vintage doll you inherited? A stuffed animal? A painting of a person or animal? I don't think I could ever pick!


  1. I'm with you, I could never pick a "favorite" character in my house. As anyone knows who knows me a little bit, I love frogs and while they don't all have names (gasp!), two of my favorites are "Hoppy" and "Destiny", who each have his/her own story. But I also have a bear angel that is very sentimental to me as it was a college graduation present from my mom who passed away almost two years ago. (It's still hard to type that without tears welling up.)

    The main reason I cannot pick a favorite is because I have three wonderful characters named Gary, Mater and Sebastian who bring me as much joy as frustration each and every day.

    p.s. Love the name Guinevere! How did P like it since he didn't like any of your original suggestions?

    1. Thanks for sharing your favorite characters. I guess anyone who has pets like them best since they are actually alive.

      P did like Guinevere.

  2. Wow! That name is perfect! Love! -A

  3. Simply... FABULOUS!
    Love it!

    And my favorite is my huge Julien de Medicis bust. I just call him Julien.

    <3 Joanne

  4. Ironically, I named an owl I created Guinevere.

    I have three dolls that have a prominent place in my home. Samantha, my American girl doll--Yes, I still change her clothes to match the seasons. She is wearing a Victorian bathing suit right now. (And some day Alexis will get to play with her when she is older). Then there is a Russian doll, Natasha, that my grandmother (who has now gone to heaven) got me when she visited there. She is precious because she reminds me of my grandmother when I see her. And then my Groovy Girls doll, Carissa. Yes, spelled correctly, i.e. just like my name. I change her outfits, too, and I have two Carissas so Alexis plays with one and the other is just for me!


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