Villagers Decorate Too!

     In case you haven't figured this out yet, we are abundantly and indescribably blessed in America. Let's start with air conditioning. It's 102* of Texas heat outside my window right now, and I'm not even on the equator! Thank the Lord for air conditioning! Can I get an amen?
     We have healthy food (not just beans and rice). We have clean water; you don't brush teeth, bathe in, swim in, drink, and wash dishes and clothes in river water, do you? We have massive, sturdy, and safe houses. We have so much; villagers along the Amazon River have N-O-T-H-I-N-G.
     But they do decorate, especially in the city where one of our Brazilian pastors was from.
     This is the floor of an ice cream shop we all visited. Gorgeous! I had so many blog post ideas that night. ;)

     Above is the view from the river of the pastor's hometown. Look at the colorful buildings: blue, orange, green, more blue, yellow, pink, and even more green and blue. It made me want to come home and paint my house a rainbow inside and out.

     This is a PINK and PURPLE church. Pink and purple! The windows and architecture are lovely too. Their simple party banner with tassels is so fun!

     Moving on to an actual village, more ribbon-like tassels hang from the ceiling of the community center.

     See? Villagers decorate too (often more boldly than we do!)

     Oh...and don't forget YOU ARE BLESSED!



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