Yee-hah Wrapping!

1. Gather supplies: handkerchief, scissors, brown craft paper, and your unwrapped gift.
2. Wrap gift with the craft paper.
3. Cut handkerchief into 3/4"-1" strips.

4. Tie as many handkerchief strips' ends together as you think you will need (depending on the size of the gift).

5. Tie you handkerchief ribbon in a bow.

Yee-hah! This is a western/cowboy/cowgirl/horse party gift fit for babies, kids, teens, and grown-ups!



  1. You took the words right out of my mouth Carissa. :)

  2. i recognize the hands in #5. this is a very cute way to decorate, especially since you can get handkerchiefs in a variety of colors these days, including green (which is my favorite color!)

    1. Thanks, but since you are all saying how this is such a neat idea, I want to say that I forgot to give all the credit for this idea to my mom. I just photographed it and happen to have a blog to share it with the world.


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